Beginners/FAQ intro
Posted: 20 October 2009 07:15 PM  
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We’ve put together answers to some Frequently Asked Questions and some frequently asked for topics.

While it would be nice to think that we’ve fully addressed any and all questions people will have, we know that isn’t the case. If something isn’t clear or there is something you think we need to add to the list of existing topics, post your question or comment in this forum and we’ll do our best to come up with a permanent answer to help you out.

Once your question is answered and converted into a new or updated sticky FAQ and we’ve confirmed that we have addressed your concern, your post will be deleted. If we do this well we should reach a point where the only thing in this forum are the sticky posts containing the FAQs.

So post away and let us know what we need to update and add.

And finally, we are aware that sticky posts are less than ideal as a format for an FAQ, but we are limited to what we can do within the capability of the forum software, so bear with us.


Craig Massey

“The point of CF is to get better at life.  Being unable to workout tomorrow because you were pigheaded today is not in line with our goals.”
Garddawg - 22 March 2009

“CrossFit is not dangerous.
Bad coaching is dangerous, poor movement is dangerous. Ego is dangerous.
CrossFit, properly scaled to the individual is the safest and most efficient program available for strength, conditioning and movement.”
BlueBugofJustice - 18 August 2009