What happened to the CrossPit WODs?
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Having martial arts and kickboxing background, my most favorite workout would be a combo of CrossFit and some kickboxing type of work (bag work, or MMA type work). I see that you used to post CrossPit WODs here on the forum? What happened? Were they moved to another site? If so, can you please direct me to where they are?

If they have disappeared (due to legal reason or whatever), can you provide some advice on how I can supplement the mainsite WODs with some kickboxing/MMA work?


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Hi, I think it’s mostly a matter of overcome by busy-ness…LD used to post them…and sometimes I would post on my blog but unfortunately I haven’t been able to attend the classes recently which are still going on at Brand X on Mondays.

I think if you browse through you will see a lot of what I’m going to list here:

Sub punching on the heavy bag for running in any of the benchmarks, like helen.
Do a cindy like workout where where you punch for 1 minute then do 1 minute of BW stuff like 5 sprawls, 10 push ups, 15 squats. (finishgin inside the minute give you a rest)
Sub sprawls for burpees or pull ups sometimes.
Slamballs were pretty popular in CrossPit workouts when I was there. They are brutal if done properly.
Sprinting of 100m or rowing sprints of 250m was brutal when mixed in with grappling - but you could work in somehow.

Do you have a partner? Many of the workouts are partnered for the punching drills.

The idea of 1 to 2 minute rounds of continuous punching, grappling, mixed with thrusters, kb swings etc is a good way to get fight conditioning in.

I MISS going to Crosspit.


We have too many heroes lost and not enough workout days to commemorate them. I think it’s fitting to always think of the men and women in service, whether military or peace officers and public safety, as we do our workouts. A bit of motivation to throw a little of our sweat and maybe a drop of blood on the floor in their honor.


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