t-shirts in the xfit store
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Does anyone else find it dissapointing in some ways that reebok took over the crossfit store? I sure do! i want another i heart fran shirt or a barfing clown or something with creativity! Give me creativity and some cool designs.  These current shirts are almost all plain or have a number, boooo, but cool that its big enough to get reeboks attention.


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I know what you mean.  I think there are affiliate stores, though….they still have the good stuff….



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zazzle lets you make your own shirt and if it sells to others, you get a cut.


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jwolfsthal - 17 November 2011 01:46 PM

zazzle lets you make your own shirt and if it sells to others, you get a cut.


Hmm be careful with this *CrossFit* is trade marked and those of us who pay affiliate fees feel rather protective smile


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There’s a local shirt store that will do things like put your name on the back of your kid’s little league shirt, etc.

I’d like to buy an official shirt from an affiliate and add a saying (positive, non-vulgar, non-offensive) to the back; anyone see a “legal” or moral problem with doing this?  I’m really happy with what CrossFit has done for me, and want to show it off….


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