How many days and sceduling
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I am sorry if this is a repeat questions but I did make a good attempt to find the answer and could not. I workout four days a week but it is Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday morning kind of thing, not the three on, one off kind of deal and with little kids, it is hard to change that right now. I am following the WODs but just using one from one of my off days on one of your off days. I notice that one day is more of a building day and I am curious if I should do that on a particular just day of the week of just kind of keep up with what I am doing?


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Working 4 days a week is fine.  Three-on, one-off is what CF found to be most effective, but it doesn’t mean that it fits anyone’s personal schedule.

If you’ve noticed a day that appears to be a “building day” (I’m not sure what that means) that is only a coincidence.  The WODs are constantly varied and do not have any particular pattern to them.

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To avoid cherry picking the workouts you like (or avoiding the ones you don’t like) I suggest you just do the WODs in the order given - irrespective of what days you have off. I also constantly vary my weekly program due to work/kids/sports etc so some weeks I’ll do 5 in a row, other times I’ll do one on one off. When I first started I was trying to keep pace but now I travel a few days behind and keep some flexibility in there.



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