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So my husband tried his first Crossfit class yesterday, which turned more into the coach going through some basic movements ie: 200 meter run, squat, wall balls, situps, push ups and then Finally burpees. Well after one round of run, squat, wall ball, burpees…he got to the burpees and felt like he was going to puke. It was at that point that the coach sugested (in the most profesional way posible) that he is not ready for the full blown Crossfit class, and that he should try there 8 week ramp up program, starting on the 20 Aug. My husband knew that he was out of shape however i think it did not dawn on him just how much. So he is signed up for the 8 week class (yeah smile however he feels that he may be to out of shape for even that.  So in saying that what are some simple Bodyweight WODs that i can put together for him to do for these up coming three weeks to get his confidance up. I will be working on his ROM and flexiblity i just want to make sure i am pairing the exercises together right.

My background: I have been CF since Feb of this year and before that strickly a runner. I go to my box 5-6 times a week and am at about Pack level. My husband has never worked out with me before, so i think he was shocked by his first encounter with WODs. I really really want him to get as excited about CF as I am….. Any suggestions would be welcome Thank you!


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Message me the name of your box


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Keep encouraging him,
I have to give my husband props for continueing CrossFit even though I tend to beat him in the WODs, the best was when he started lifting more than I do in DL, Squat, bench and press I know he doesnt like it when i beat him, worst is if we use the same weight but I started a couple years before him and as with you an your husband I was in better shape when i started.


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