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Want to get your kids involved with CrossFit? 
We have multiple resources for you.  Our CrossFit Kids Magazine is available in the CrossFit Kids Store and a Daily workout is posted at

You can also find video demos and a Free download of the Magazine there too


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Almost a year later…on

Daily WOD
Full Catalog of the CrossFit Kids Magazine and two free downloads
Dawgs- a description of how and where to start
CrossFit Kids 101- How the 10 basic aspects of fitness appear in CrossFit kids
Lesson Plans for school sites, homeschoolers and coaches
CrossFit Kids Certifications to teach CF to kids
More pictures
More videos and demonstrations


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If you have questions or feedback on the CrossFit Kids program, site, workouts or anything at all to do with CrossFit Kids, please post them here
We want to know what you’re thinking.


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