Zone Block Calculation
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Okay, so I’m probably a huge idiot,  but I can’t find the table or equation or whatever to calculate my Zone block requirements. The short history:

About 4 months ago I was doing mainsite WOD’s pretty regularly (2 on, 1 off),  and had cleaned up my diet to basically follow Gary Taubes’ advice in Why We Get Fat;  basically eat clean, low GI foods, and don’t obsess about the measuring.  On this regimen,  I dropped from 210 to 187 (12.7%  BF per the tank).  Then, a non-Crossfit related injury, the doldrums, the holidays, and a whole bunch of Pecan Pie.  Hey,  its Georgia…..

So I’m back on the horse, healed up, and would like to give the Zone a run this time.  Bought the book, but can’t find in the Appendices where it says “this many blocks per your lean body mass”  etc.  Can anybody give me a heads up on where it is?  Also,  I was thinking I’d use the values from the tank, as I looked and felt my best then.  I’d heard someone say you eat for the body mass you want, not what you are.  (And I’m about 10 lbs fatter)

Any and all help is appreciated.


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Check out the first post in this topic: the one that says “zone block calculator”

P.S. Crossfit is “moderate” activity for the purposes of the zone….



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All of the Zone calculations work off of your lean body mass, so if you’ve got good numbers from the tank then use those.

Lean body mass x activity factor (CF generally is ~ 0.7) = daily protein requirement in grams.

Divide by 7 and this equals your daily block allowance.

Chapter 8 in “Enter the Zone” covers this material.

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