“What is that Alluring Fragrance”
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I’ve got a slightly embarrassing situation.  When I lift heavy, especially when the WOD calls for a 1 to 3 rep max of the Major Lifts,  I notice a VERY strong odor coming off of me after I finish up. 

I first noticed it many months ago, and thought I’d forgotten deodorant that morning, or wore a shirt to train in that was unclean, but couldn’t pinpoint it.  Happened again a few weeks later, and I literally sniffed everything I had on, down to my socks and underwear, to see if it was the clothes.  Nope.  Smelled the pits, arms, feet:  negative.  But I kept getting wafts of it, and so did the wife, so I had her smell me.  What can I say, she’s a good woman.  She also couldn’ pinpoint it.

This happened again last night after the 5x3 Dealift WOD.  A non-localized SuperMusk that is definitely coming off of me SOMEWHERE.  Please keep in mind that this does not happen when the WOD is more Glycolytic or Oxidative in nature; Fran does not do it, Chippers do not do it.  Only heavier work.

So,  anybody else ever experience this?  Anybody in the physio sciences have a hypothesis?  I’m guessing its some sort of byproduct of a hormone release, but really have no idea.  Thanks in advance.


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