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I’m trying to cut some BF and can’t seem to stop eating long enough to get any results. I know I should eat 6-7 meals a day in moderation. I feel hungry all the time if I don’t eat until I’m full. At night I will sometimes wake up between midnight and 3am hungry. I’ll lay in bed for a long time but can’t sleep unless I eat something.

I tried eating cottage cheese before bed, but don’t like the amount of salt it contains though it works well to keep me asleep.

Now to breakfast. I eat 1/2 a cup of whole oat meal with frozen blueberries. Should I be eating less, and with some type of protein?

I’m 6’ 232 right now and trying to get to around a lean 200. I’m thinking of competing in an open on my birthday in April and feel my weight is a more down fall among other things.

Any suggestions on breakfast, snacks, and ideas about a late night snack would be great… I know that’s asking a lot.


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Go paleo with protein at every meal and cut it to 3 meals per day.


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