Discussion regarding the current state of Ramona School Districts finances.
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Have at it.


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As a parent in the RUSD I am concerned and frustrated that I cannot get an answer to a very simple question that I have. Why on earth would the board, or whoever, approve a raise for the superintendent when our district is in serious financial trouble? I think it is extremely unfair and just plain ridiculous that the leader of the district can face the public and express his “disappointment” at not being able to reach a deal with the teachers union in mediation while his contract has just been renewed and he was given a nice raise. As parents and a community who is being asked to shoulder this burden as well by trying to pass propositions to help pay for the mismanagement of district funds, I think we are entitled to an answer to such questions. Instead, my question on a social media site is repeatedly removed/censored. Being a member of a union ourselves I am partial to the teachers, however, I am not 100% in agreeance with them, either. Thanks, Martins, for letting me vent my frustrations wink