Thoughts on DOMS
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Unlike when I did regular weight training (same old exercises week in week out), with the variation and intensity in crossfit I’ll get serious DOMS somewhere in my body on average every couple of weeks = typically chest, lats, traps, quads or abs. I normally train on through DOMS but when its bad it does inhibit my workouts a bit. Its definitely DOMS - comes in after 12-36 hours and lasts 2-3 days. And when I say ‘serious’ DOMS I mean sore to touch and sore just moving around.

Just wondering if people think DOMS is a good/bad/indifferent thing ? Is it a sign of pushing too hard or a good sign that we’re pushing the body to a point that it has to adapt ? Is training the sore muscles ok or should they be rested ?

Also I couldnt find too much on DOMS on the forum (someone may point me straight here) = I would have thought this needs to be a ‘sticky’ (or maybe I just suffer more than most)



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I don’t know about if it is a good or bad thing but I do know its just apart of working out. I have always believed (been told) if I got DOMS i either over worked that muscle, didn’t warm up properly or attacked a muscle I usually don’t work on a weekly basis. And lets be honest, if you aren’t sore after doing your scaled version of 5 rds of 185 lb DL’s and running 400 meters then you either need to move up a level or you’re a freak wink... Again, thats just my thought process. I mainly get DOMS after doing weighted lunges. For instance, I did weighted lunges on Monday and my legs (groin today. everything else is fine) is still sore to the touch. I had to take tuesday and wednesday off to recover. I mean I was having trouble sitting and standing up. Today Ill get back at it but to avoid pulling something I’ll focus on some upper body work.  I feel this is due to the fact I don’t work lunges into my weekly strength lifts so when they come up my body isn’t prepared for them. However, DL’s come up more frequently in WODs…So those muscles are more prepared.

If your muscles are sore to the touch I would say rest them. IMO you risk pulling something if they are that sore. My thought is try and track and see if certain workouts give you worse DOMS then others. If they do, try to work in weekly strength work for that particular muscle group. For instance, I’m going to start working in some weighted lunges during my warm up every day. Nothing super heavy but enough to start to build enough strength there to hopefully avoid needing days to recover.

You may have seen this already but here is a thread talking about rest/recovery..

Hope this helps.


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