Feeling lost nutrition wise
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Hello all I’ve been doing the abs Diet for almost 8 weeks now and been doing the “300” work out 5-6 days per week for 4ish months best time of 24:11
In till the last two weeks or so when I got told I should look into crossfit and I lo e all it’s principals but I’m feeling super lost the pack WOD Are going ok broken sets but ok
Now I’m really wanting to change my body compostion I’m 165# right now 5’-10” male and /3 yrs old
I’m continuing the Abs diet but I’m unsure how many calories per day I should be taking in as I keep feeling like my body wants more than portion sizes allow .
I would like to get down to 10-7% body fat
I’m around 12ish now
I’m also taking protein syntha 6 with my work outs and unsure how it fits in. Diet wise and I’ve been reading info on paleo and gave become very confused how to eat
I have a mostly physical job I Stand about 80% of my work days.  Not sure what else to say other than I’m confused a bit



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Look into Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint or Robb Wolf’s Paleo Solution or the Whole9 website.

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