shoulder/overhead strength
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Repeating my question from he crossfit forum - this time with the videos:

1. my 1RM OHS is 75kg but my 1RM snatch is 52.5kg (clean is 80kg, C&J 65kg) - does this indicate my snatch is relatively weak and I need to work on this ?

2. for the OHS I take the bar off a rack and do a push jerk from behind the neck. I’ve now reached a limit to what I can get overhead - what next ?

3. I think above is indicative of my relatively weak shoulders - I have trouble with HSPUs and getting heavy weights overhead - any ideas ?

Any advice greatly appreciated

30kg snatch and OHS:

40kg snatch and OHS:

50kg snatch and OHS:
My 1RM snatch is 55kg

60kg OHS:
My 3RM OHS is 67.5 kg



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