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I’ve been doing crossfit for maybe a month now and did this WOD today. Just wondering how the time looks as I did it alone and therefore have no idea what a “good” time would be.
I did 21, 15, 7 reps of:
Double unders
KB swings
Time = 18:18
I did about 80% of my max weight for each exercise.

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As this is neither a benchmark WOD or a recent mainsite WOD (I think) it’s hard to tell. Usually when a WOD has a 21-15-9 pattern with two exercises (like Fran) it’s short one where you aim for a few minutes. Here you have four exercises so around ten minutes would be a “normal” time - i.e. you scaled your weights right.

A word of caution: As a beginner and intermediate crossfitter comparing your results to know if you’re “good” enough is contraproductive. You will probably be comparing with people with pre-conditions different than yours and more often than not leads to thinking you’re not improving as fast as you think you should.

Good ways to compare: 1. Compare your results today with you own results months or years ago. 2. When following a structured program (e.g. the mainsite) choose scaling so that you finish in a similar time as advanced trainees. If you compare your result and you see that your time is considerably longer than others, you should step back a bit in weight/reps. If considerably faster take a step up.

My recommendation would be to do puppy scaling for the mainsite WOD:s and see how your times compare.


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44 deadlifts at 80% of your max is not wise. You should be in the 60-70% range (70 being on the experienced side).

The daily WOD’s here at the X are perfectly scaled for beginners like yourself. Plus you get to compare your times with everyone else’s (but you should follow Swed’s advice above). Just go day to day and take a rest day when you need it.


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