Preparing to start Crossfit
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I am 44 year old male who is preparing to start crossfit in a few weeks.  I plan to start at home.  I have much of the needed equipment (oly set, squat rack and cage, bench) and plan on getting more as needed included a concept2 rower

As with many it seems alot to grasp!!

I have lost almost 100lbs over the last 3 years and done 6 half marathons (slow) but i have but some weight back on and slacked on my exercise.  I have also realized with all the weight loss and cardio I have lost strength too.

Any an all suggestions welcomed
I am one of those guys with a quest for information and knowledge and want to improve my fitness


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Well, having lost 100# and dolng marathon you do seem to have the motivation at the right place for sure!

It can be a lot to grasp at first, but the important stuff is that you do the wod. Use the scaling provided here, if ever unsure what scaling to use, better to start lower than higher (puppie instead of pack).
When you have done the wod, post ur result in the forum under the day you did the wod.

After u done ur posting read all threads in beginners forum grin

And yes; have a look on Make that a daily MWOD (mobility wod), start from episode 1.
And don’t think about adding anything else for the first 6 months (I think about strength-work). Let ur body get used to high intensity workout.
The “formula” is Form-Intensity-weight (i.e. First form, then add intensity and after that weight). That will make a sweet cake any and all want a bite of.

And yes! Don’t forget to look on the demos for the wod. Often found over at



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