Protein bars and shakes
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I was wondering about protein bars and shakes. Are they used alot in genral or is it more of whole foods? Ive got three boxes of met-rx bars and 10 lbs of muscle tech protein power sitting on the shelf. They look to me like their a little heavy in sugar and carbs. I have givin up dairy and the shakes taste like (Well lets just say not so good) with out milk and heavy cream. Is there a brand that meets the Primal diet? Thanks Don


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The real purists are using whole foods.  That being said there are many folks who eat Primal/Paleo and use supplements filled with highly processed ingredients.  I think its best to look at the whole diet, over a week or two, and assess how protein bars and shakes are affecting it.

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There are several companies that are newly formed out here in CA that offer a Paleo type bar.  If you go to the Crossfit Games or Regional events, you should see these excellent health bars.  These companies are small i don’t think that there is nationwide distribution yet.  On the other hand,  I think LARA BAR is owned by General Mills, which uses GMO…i saw a recent article on it. ......i stay away from all bars as they are too heavy in sugars and other stuff.

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I read a very disturbing article on Protein Shakes which has made me stay away from them. They are not controlled by the FDA due to the fact that they are supplements. Also, whenever you “drink” any calories the glycemic index goes through the roof. You are always much better off getting your protein from food, i have been relying on full fat Greek Yogurt, FAGE which has 20g of protein per serving. With all that being said, the Primal Fuel supplement would be your best choice for staying Primal but its very expensive.


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