Crossfit Program for 3 days per week
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Very new to crossfit.  I have been lifting for about 6 years and have always done full body workouts with deadlifts and squats, but I am totally new to the olympic lifts.  I only have access to what I believe these boards refer to as the globo gym, so I will always be going light with the olympic lifts.  Someday I’d like to outfit my garage.

I’d love to follow the WODs but my schedule does not allow it.  I’d be lucky to get in four days per week, but realistically I will get in only 3 days a week.

With that said, I’d like to avoid “cherry picking” the WODs and sometimes wonder which WODs would be more appropriate if I’m only going to be able to do 3 or 4 wk.

Perhaps I am over thinking this, and I should simply pick the WOD if I can make the gym that day.  But is there is a program/routine I should follow if I can only do 3 workouts a week?

Thanks for any input.

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And yeah, overthinking it… wink

See how the mainsite wods come in bunches of 3?  That’s your week.  You’ll eventually be several weeks behind (but your body won’t know….) and if you get too far behind to be hanging out with everyone, you just jump forward a few weeks.  That’s all.



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