Newbie question about rest time between WOD
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Ok, so I just did the below WOD. Should my total time include rest and transition time between exercises? Also, is there a standard time for rest in between the exercises? Or is non always the best since time is the factor?

For time:
25 Double-unders or 50 single unders
Run 100 meters
15 foot Rope climb, 1 ascents or 3 beginner rope climbs
Run 100 meters
15-25 pound Front squat, 20 reps
Run 100 meters
100 meter Farmer carry, 15-20 pound dumbbells
5-15 pound Dumbbell snatch, alternating, 20 reps
Run 100 meters

Thanks, Grant


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The short answer is ‘no rest’ but read this and you’ll get a better idea what we’re going for….

Tis a bit long…but you’re probably at work, right?  So lots of time to catch up on reading….



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