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I’ve been doing Crossfit fit for about 5-6 months now. This question is for those of you that are well versed in programing or who have a much more in-depth understanding of what daily WOD’s or work days should “consist” of. I hope this makes sense.
I am not a member of an Box here in WA State, however I do frequently read topics on the Box located in Bellvue.
I follow the daily WOD that is posted on “”... However, What I see on other sites is that they indicate a warm up, which I get, and do.
Then they have a WOD, then they have “skills” work, and then more times then often, they have what seems to be a “metcon”.

* My question is; should everyday work day consist of: “WOD” work, “skills work”, and a “Metcon”.. Anyones help is greatly appreciated. The one thing that I know I lack in is “cardio endurance” which i feel is severly affecting my output during certain WODs. Again, I hope this all makes sense.


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I looked at about a week of CrossfitBellvue’s WOD’s and it looks like they warm-up, often with a barbell, do a strength series then do a WOD/metcon.

Many boxes do this (w/u, strength/metcon) for a couple reasons,
1) most people come in “under strong”
2) most understrong newbies will skip ME/strength days—- they haven’t learned how much fun lifting is, the women worry about “getting too bulky”, initially lifting doesn’t get you the same sweaty hit that metcon’s do, lifting just isn’t sexy.
3) People, read clients, love Metcon’s

Skill work: we all have goats, HSPU, L-sits, positioning for Olympic lifts, running red face , etc etc etc, Yes, do something even if its just a couple minutes every time you workout

If you feel that endurance is your weakness I suggest adding in endurance programming now that you have been following for six months.
Check out, plan to spend a good hour reading through the site then add endurance training in 2-3 times a week. I started rowing crew for increased endurance and it’s really helped, you can do one thing, say running every time, or mix it up, bike, run, swim, row…


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I’ll put in a plug for the best programming I know to be available on the ‘net, Brand X’s.

The WODs are currently posted in the blog section on the front page at

Other than that, what Magdawg said.


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I’ll put in a plug for the best programming I know to be available on the ‘net, Brand X’s.

The WODs are currently posted in the blog section on the front page at

Other than that, what Magdawg said.

Metric, I’ve checked out the Crossfit brand x programming and like it a lot. For the strength portion (I.e. Monday squat, Wednesday deadlifts, etc), are you basing the sets off of the CFSB v.2 program where you work up to one working set of 3 or 5 at the target weight (5lbs added to previous week)?




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