Hand Issues from Pull-ups
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The last two times I have done WOD’s that require high volume pull-ups I have had issues with my hands. The first time I tore the pads on both of my ring fingers between the palm and first knuckle. I have since started to tape this area which solved the problem. Today I did Angie and now I have blisters on the outside edges of the area between my palm and first knuckle on my pinkie fingers of both hands. All of the hand protection I have seen is more for the palms of the hands, so my question is what the heck am I doing wrong that I am having issues in the area between the palm and first knuckle? Should I be trying to wrap the palms of my hands around the bar more?


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I get calluses at the same spot, but they rarely give me this much trouble. There are some videos out there for grip, e.g. from K* you can check.

Are you using chalk? Too little and too much can cause calluses to break.

Some people shave off excesive skin if calluses are thick. Some people use body lotion to make the skin soft.


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