Squat for CFSB
Posted: 08 September 2013 03:27 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Based on previous advice about not letting my knees travel too far forward, last week I did videos trying different foot positions and different cues. Watched these then settled on what I thought worked best for me.

Here’s my latest squat - 1kg off my 5RM so near my limit. Feet slightly wider than shoulder width and pointing out at around 45 degrees (previously i’d been doing around 20deg off straight) which enables me to get my knees out and hopefully preventing them travelling too far forward. Some butt wink but I think it’ll take a while to improve this - I feel tight around the top of the hammys and glutes so lots of stretching required. Most of all this felt good - challenging but I felt stable and strong.

Any comments welcome (ignore the first 30secs - that’s just my wife telling me to get off the weights and pick my daughter up wink )




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