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Sunday, October 13th, 2013 - Bench Press
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Resting 60 seconds between sets:
Bench press 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2

60kg, 70kg, 80kg, 85kg, 85kg, 90kg, 90kg, 90kg, 90kg, 90kg

could have done a little more but was on my own and was close to the limit - might have done 95kg but happy with 90 as its body weight.


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20131013 Sun
10 rounds of
100 yard sprint
Rest 60 seconds
First one was long at 110 yards, high school track was locked so had to run parking lot sprints next to Football field.  I want my taxes back.



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131013 1RM Snatch

Warm up:
5 min Airdyne
5 min DROMs
Burgener warm-up

15 minutes to establish a 1rm snatch

Run 800m
3 rounds:
25 Pull-ups
8 Power snatches 135/85# (95#)
For time.
Time: 16:06

Cool down

First round of pull-ups I UB kipped the first 15. New PR!


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I competed in the Colorado Masters Competion this weekend @ Front Range CrossFit it was alot of fun, Skip puts on a quality event. I got to say Hi to Aaron_CO as he was judging. 13 women were signed up in the 50-54 age group only 10 competed.

The competition for me did not go as well as I hoped but it did go as well as I expected.

Event one with two scoring possibilities
AMRAP 25 minutes
scored by total meters rowed and weight lifted
1 ground to overhead
250m row
each competitor choses their weight on the bar but cannot change it once they start. You only get one GtOH attempt every round if you miss you have to go back to the rower.
I got 19 lifts @ 95#
and rowed 4560m
This gave me a second on the meters and a third on the weight

event 3 and 4
event three
3:00 time cap - event 4 starts at the 4th minute

10 weighted lunges - back knee to ab-mat @45# sandbag
run 15’ with sandbag
throw sandbag over wall 5’ go over wall
15’ weighted run
20 sandbag to top of 53” box
15’ weighted run
throw sandbag over wall 5’ go over wall
10 weighted lunges
you must have sandbag across both shoulders
time 2:28.94

total fail on this one, I started out stepping on the ab-mat and touching behind it so I thought it didn’t count so restepped with the same foot, got no repped,- brain fart- got myself together, by which time all the others in my heat were over the wall. So an 8th place here.

Event four started on minute four after the start of event three
6 minute AMRAP
10 12” stick jumps
20 KB snatch @12kg
I did OK here I’m still not great at stick jumps I got 161reps for 5th, frustrating after to see that 4th/162, 3rd/165, 2nd/167

so end of day Saturday I was in 5th place out of ten, with a 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 8th

Sunday morning

Scoring event 5
20 ball slams @ 20# - lockout overhead (which wasn’t enforced) catch on first bounce (which was)
15 weighted sit ups @20# - ball touches overhead and beyond heels
10 pull-ups
DNF -86 reps

well I didn’t finish but no-one in my age group of women did

worse thought I just got totally freaked out by his fat pull-up bars, I just couldn’t get what felt like a secure grip and so was afraid to kip. That concussion from falling off the bars 5 years ago continues to haunt me
8th place

Scoring event 6
20 cleans @65#
20 front squats
20 shoulder to overhead
20 front squats
20 cleans
at the top of every minute you must do 3 bar over burpees

8:53.47 for a 5 place

I really feel I gave this one my all no regrets
three women in my age catagory DNF,  the best time for 50-54W was 5:34 by our division winner.

She was clearly dominant outscoring the 2nd place finisher by 130pts, 2/3/4 were within 20 pts of each other and I was 70 pts behind them.

So I ended up in 5th place overall. which was OK.


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