Crossfit for Baseball
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So basically I have been doing strength programs my entire life with success but I get bored after awhile. Then I found cross fit. I love the randomness of every day and workout. I am a college baseball player and have had back surgery for my lower back to fix a ruptured disc a few years ago. Do you think crossfit is good for a baseball player?? I have heard many different answers. The thing is that I’m not very flexible anymore. I was before my back surgery but it has really declined since then. Need some help figuring out a stretching routine for crossfit.  I’m 5’10” 170 lbs. and I’m around 7% body fat so I’m very lean. So my main question is about crossfit and baseball.

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IMO, Crossfit will make you better at any and all sports as it is a broad and inclusive strength and conditioning program. If you are training specifically for baseball, the olympic lifts would be great because baseball requires quick short bursts of power (vs. long endurance type exercises). I have read where Brady Anderson took over the strength and conditioning program with the Orioles and introduced the Olympic lifts for their team and it has made a pretty significant impact. The other important thing would be flexibility; you’ll need to do mobility work. Baseball players usually develop tight shoulders from throwing so this is something to keep in mind. Good luck with your training.



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check out
its easy to pick and choose for specific areas where you lack flexibily but probably best to start at the begining and work your way through to address lack of mobility in a systematic way


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Do you think crossfit is good for a baseball player??  Yes!
Need some help figuring out a stretching routine for crossfit.


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Was the back injury related to baseball? What position do you play?


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Sorry, meant to tag Unforgibbon in.

Malcook13, when he’s not being one of the awesome trainers at CrossFit Brand X, Unforgibbon spends a lot of time at little league baseball games in the SoCal area. His son is a very good player and baseball is a big part of both of their lives.
He knows baseball and CrossFit very well. As a (former?) professional proofreader he’s pretty good with grammar and punctuation too, but he has a good tolerance for those of us who aren’t.


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