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Recently we heve purchased a GHD machine at work and for about 4 week i have regurly been doing GHD sit-up’s (3 times a week 3 sets of 10)

When can i implement the GHD sit-up’s in my wod’s?



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The smart aleck answer is “when you’re ready”.

And that’s the root of the problem answering this question, I don’t know if what you’ve been doing has made you ready.
If you’re confident that your technique is correct and that you won’t degrade to an unsafe degree in whatever workout you’re about to attempt, you can give it a go.
Be prepared to be very critical of yourself and if you feel that you’re struggling at all, swap to another movement.

Something OPT says is that TTB are his preferred sub for GHD sit-ups. If you can’t do the workout using TTB, you’re probably not ready to use a GHD.

Aside from mechanics, whether you’ve prepared sufficiently to avoid rhabdo is very difficult to tell.

Hoping one of the Brand X trainers will spot this and explain how people would be introduced to them at the gym,


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I’m not a trainer so wont advise on whats best for you but this is what I did:

For 2 or 3 months I did 3x5 building up to 3x10, two or three days a week in warm ups (just as you have). Then started including in WODs but with some rules:

- no more than 20 in a single set and no more than 50 in a workout (increased this limit over time if I was doing them regularly)
- keep a steady pace - not hell for leather
- never to failure

These dont come up too often in workouts so I stick with my rules and I wont include them if Ive gone 2 or 3 weeks without doing them in warm ups