Overdid it - on the bench again - suggestions?
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I’ve been crossfitting on and off for a few years now and enjoy the workouts more than traditional machines and circuit training. I’ve been using scaling here, making up my own WOD’s and using CustomWOD online for workouts. Recently I was exhausted on a WOD and pushed through to complete it.
50 sumo deadlift hi pulls, 45#
25 pushups
100m run with 45# plate overhead
25 pull ups

I was wrecked after the WOD, and 4 days later I still have swelling and pain in my elbows when I bend my arms. I can’t straighten them or bend them all the way. Tomorrow I think it will be back to normal.

I had thought I knew my limits, and scaled the third round with a small assistance band to help me finish the WOD. I tried to avoid muscular failure and broke up ALL the sets in all rounds of pushups and pullups to help avoid this.

My goal is to feel good about working out and maintain or improve my strength and stamina. When I suffer injuries (even short term swelling and pain) it’s moving me in the wrong direction. How do I figure out when to call it quits on a WOD to avoid this but not sell myself short? 

Truth be told this happens more than I care to admit, and more frequently when I join a group class and feel the pressure to compete with fellow crossfitters. I’ve never quit on a WOD in a group, and I’m not sure any trainer I’ve been with would even allow it.

Experienced coaches out there - do you have any suggestions for me?


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I am not a coach yet, but I do know that sleep and eating the right foods are just as important to training as using proper form and scaling. Are you getting enough or the right amounts of each? Furthermore, are you doing any mobility (foam rolling, stretching, massage) before and after your workouts? this could also help reduce soreness. Finally, are you sure you are proficient with the movements? The elbow soreness you mention could be from form break downs on the pullups. google up “pull up elbow” and check out some of the information and videos on this.



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Hey Toni
I looked at that WOD and thought ouch for your elbows, they didn’t get a break on any movement, I think you just over did it.
Crafting WOD’s is difficult, in many ways it looks like throwing random movements together, WOD’s that are all hips and core, think 400m lunges, or that one thats runs, hip ex, GHD situps work. However the elbow joint isn’t going to respond positively to that kind of volume.
When did you start back up after taking the summer off? - just a couple months ago? - did you start up with the same kind of volume that you left off with?


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Thanks All

I could definitely add some cooling down stretches, I tend to skip that (usually my family is waiting for me to finish to come join them for dinner after the workout). I get the sleep and nutrition ...

As for volume on the elbow, that probably was it. I’ve historically had some trouble with the elbow joints from my mid twenties onwards. I hadn’t thought of those movements affecting the elbow so much but in retrospect it clearly does.

More scaling, and perhaps even stopping after two rounds next time would save my body for continued workdouts.

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I havent been in the crossfit game that long but have been a strongman \ powerlifter for about seven years. The biggest thing i learned is the harder you work your body the more food you need to rebuild it. When i was deep into strongman , our group would train for 2hrs + on events . I was taking in 6000 to 8000 cals on those days and I was still losing weight but my body felt great and I wasn’t sore very much. Also check out Donnie Thompson on you tube. His got some great stuff on elbow pain and how to fix it. I use his advice all the time .


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