Foods you’d buy?
Posted: 04 March 2014 10:58 PM   [ Ignore ]
Puppy Dawg
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So I’ve been Paleo for about 5 years and while I’m not a member of a box (too broke) I’m more of a backyard Crossfitter.  I hope that gives me enough cred to chat with y’all.

Anyway, I’m working on a new business (hence why no spare cash) to supply local Crossfit gyms with quality (healthy, CF approved) food products.  Would anyone be willing to share what types of food products they would be willing to buy (if prepared fresh and local and delivered to their gym)?  Or maybe what they’d definitely not purchase; meaning specific ingredients they’d avoid aside from the obvious (HFCS, MSG, etc)

Are most of you more concerned with adding mass, staying lean, the flavor of the food, the “fuel” it provides, macro nutrients,

Currently I am prepared to offer grass fed beef (I actually work for a farm now)
Nut Butters (already in production - almond, cashew, pecan, pumpkin seed, etc)
Protein Bars (where my eyes are headed but I haven’t started these yet)
Other foods ????

Big thanks to anyone who responds.