OPG57 Snatch in slow motion 92.5 kg. 203 lbs.
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I think this was the best 200+ snatch I ever did. This is how I would want to perform the snatch every time if I could. The Pull and Landing is much cleaner than my 95 Kg. pull. I like the slow motion study so new folks can break down the form elements. Step 1 Back up right, pulling from the heals , Arms hanging like ropes, Pull is started slow not a jerky movement. You will gradually Accelerate to above the knees. Step 2. you hit upper thigh region on pull where hips will come forward in unison with traps pulling upward in an Explosive motion where the real power is created in a very short but violent movement. At this point you will be on your toes at the apex and start dropping or pushing yourself under the bar.Step 3 you will focus on extending your arms upwards reaching to receive the bar in the bottom position. Never relax the Back , shoulders or arms during this phase .Step4 stand and recover. 
http://vimeo.com/94580802  Good luck


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