OPG57 Clean + Jerk 253 lbs.  slow motion study .
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Video of whats going on during C+J slowed down to Identify each point.

1. Feet flat on floor
2. Back flat in upright position
3.Pull is started with emphasis on pulling from heels . essentially pushing your feet thru floor while maintaining upright back angle
4. the arms are hanging straight keeping the bar in close contact with the body. do not allow bend in the arms. The shoulders will be set back and held there thru pull also called chest up.
5. the weight will gradually increase in speed as the weight travels upward above the knees.
6. when weight hits upper thigh region the hip flexors will bring hips forward to meet bar explosively. this explosion in conjunction with a violent shrug motion of shoulders upward will propel weight to its highest point , lifter will finish on there toes.
7. At this phase the lifter will drop under to receive bar at completion of the pull. receiving weight across shoulders with elbows up and pushing in towards each other to rack the bar on shoulders.
8.lifter needs to stay upright when receiving the weight or they will lose it forward elbows have to to be pushed upwards and inwards to maintain rack as they recover from squat.
9. The jerk portion requires that the dip be straight up and down on drive with bar maintaining solid contact with the shouders on upward drive to deliver maximum force to bar.
10. as the lifter drives bar upward they will jump forward with leading leg in case of split jerk. Focus is to push your self under bar receiving it overhead in a locked position at arms length pushing upward with shoulders while weight is overhead, The lead foot should slap the platform and land before or simultaneously with trailing foot.
11’ recover by bringing lead leg back and then rear leg forward. remember to apply full force pushing upwards with shoulders to control weight thru recovery .  http://vimeo.com/100635273


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