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This is interesting:
Signalife, World Renown Professional Athletes, Partner For Wellness And Athletic Dominance
Signalife, Inc. (“Company”), (Amex: SGN) announced that it has initiated its cardiovascular wellness and athletic program. The first engagement will be the most demanding i.e. testing and utilization with worldwide track and field athletes as well as nationwide fitness facilities. Through this program the parties intend to explore protocols for the utilization of Signalife’s revolutionary product. As is generally acknowledged, ECG devices are rarely capable of detecting a clinical quality ECG signal in an ambulatory environment. The selection of Signalife’s flagship Fidelity 100 heart monitor by Olympic class athletes and internationally-known fitness facilities, will attempt to utilize the devices during exercise training environments such as track and field, professional football, tennis and other sports. Healthcare professionals will be able to gauge numerous indicators relating to health and athletic performance. One partnership with the utilization of Signalife’s technology is with Maurice Green, the current American and Olympic 100 meter champion. Others include, renown track and field stars such as Leonard Scott (world indoor sprint champion), Dominque Arnold (American hurdling record holder), and Larry Wade.

Additionally, retired athletes from all sports are in support of the utilization of the Fidelity 100(TM) for their health and conditioning needs. For example, Hall of Fame professional running backs Marcus Allen and Jim Brown, as well as superstars Tim Brown, Marshall Faulk and Willie Gault, will utilize the Fidelity 100(TM) with their physicians to gauge their cardiovascular condition. To quote Mr. Gault (formerly voted the greatest athlete in the world) “It is never too late, or too early, to learn the actual condition of the most important muscle in the body and to do something about it.”

Furthermore, Signalife has already entered into understandings with best of class fitness facilities. The most stress known in the world to date may be the “under 10-second” 100 meter dash in which the heart muscle of the athlete literally moves inside the heart’s chest cavity. The Signalife Fidelity 100(TM) performs flawlessly in that environment. But the Signalife Fidelity 100(TM) is even more important for the client population in general, as conditioning and disease states is a matter of degree spanning a $400 billion cardiovascular industry.

Signalife anticipates numerous expansions in the wellness and performance arena over the upcoming 120 days, both nationally and internationally. During this time, look for events at fitness clubs near you when these athletes will conduct physician prescribed and supervised demonstrations of the revolutionary Fidelity 100 (TM).

Signalife’s cardiovascular wellness and athletic program has become increasingly important in light of several recent studies that have measured the injury to the general population—and the increase in the cost of health care in general—from unrecognized cardiovascular abnormalities. By providing clientele, in the exercise and fitness setting, with the only ambulatory, clinical quality, ECG monitoring device, Signalife hopes to identify and stratify risks earlier for the benefit of all those prescribed the device by their physicians.

In the July 27, 2006 addition of Health Day News, the authors stated:

“Heart attacks often go unrecognized, although experts disagree on just how often. One recent study suggested that 43 percent of attacks—more than four in 10—may go undetected when they occur, and more often in women than men. While other experts say that estimate is too high, they concede that unrecognized attacks are a problem…

The researchers gave the men and women a baseline ECG screening during the years 1990 to 1993, and then repeated the ECGs during either 1994 to 1995, or 1997 to 2000. The imaging tests revealed that over 4 out of 10 heart attacks went unrecognized—including one-third of attacks in men and more than one-half in women, the study said.

The researchers think the results could apply to any developed country.”

Under the pact, Signalife has established a series of pilot programs for athletes—from professionals to “weekend warriors.” The cardiovascular issues faced by the entire population are paralleled to the professionals. Indeed, current 100-meter record holder Maurice Greene—American Record Holder in the 100 Meter dash, Olympic Gold Medalist and National and International Track and Field Superstar—commented: “People are under the incorrect impression that professional athletes are not as sensitive to what is happening in their body than are the general population. The truth may be just the opposite. We have to be very in tune with our bodies, because the stress created by national and international competition is unequalled in terms of the potential short and long term impact on the athlete’s heart. With the Signalife Fidelity 100(TM) device, we now for the first time have an easy-to-use (size of a PDA) measuring stick that provides clear data and trusted results that are useful from everything to the athletes’ health as well as the data he or she needs to make intelligent decisions about their performance, their health and their life. To then be able to have benefits to mankind—with Signalife using the data to stratify risks across populations and demographics, from the track to the gym to the jogging trail—is very rewarding for me as a role model and caring member of society. Looking for all the information I can get to live a competitive career and life, it was an easy choice for to begin using the Signalife technologies.”

Mr. Greene continued: “This is not about paid endorsements, and my relationship with Signalife is not one of them. This is about my health and the health of the population. If I can assist in helping myself as well as the general population, there is no way I am going to walk away from the opportunity. I am extremely proud to be working with a device already demonstrated to generate a perfect clinical quality ECG signal during the harsh environment associated with internationally competitive 100-meter races. To me, the benefits to the population are endless. This is among the most exciting endeavors I have been involved with both during my career and prospectively thereafter.”

Of course, third party physician practice groups shall purchase and utilize the Signalife heart monitoring products in a manner calculated to achieve the goal of promoting the objectives of its clientele. While the athletes and organizations are under no obligation to continue any program beyond one year, it is anticipated that all pacts will be made permanent in the event the initial testing produce the expected results. Signalife hopes to be a staple in all endeavors of athletic competition.

Dr. Lowell Harmison—former Principal Deputy of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, developer of the world’s first fully implantable artificial heart and member of Signalife’s Board of Directors—commented on the pact: “It is well established that cardiovascular problems and athletic performance—as with all diseases and athletic states—can be better predicted through knowledge. In the case of a normal person, the key is early detection and early intervention. As a corollary, health and wellness is obviously maximized by knowing—in detail and in advance—of any signal-related changes in the person’s ECG evaluation. The ECG is the gold standard, but no ECG other than ours can produce a clinical quality signal while following a patient in 9 seconds as he runs the 100 meters. We are excited to be working alongside internationally-respected and record- holding athletes as well as national gyms.”

“It is important to applaud the adoption of Signalife technologies and to recognize the opportunity we have been given,” states Pamela Bunes, Signalife’s CEO. “According to statistics provided by the International Health, Racquet, & Sports Club Association, there are more than 26,000 health and fitness clubs in the US with more than 43 million members. Health club members focus on their future wellness by adopting a fitness regimen that can now include ECG evaluations that reflect the improvement to one’s cardiovascular health after the adoption of an appropriate fitness regimen. A number of states recently required that gyms keep Automatic external Defibrillators (AEDs) onsite to address the growing incidence of sudden cardiac arrest at sports facilities…

Leading up to the wellness and athletic program, Signalife has not only engaged in extensive and well-known medical testing of its flagship Fidelity 100(TM) heart monitor, but Signalife has also tested the device in exercise settings. Indeed, Signalife’s FDA-cleared Fidelity 100 (TM) produced a clinical quality ECG during strenuous exercise known only to world class track and field athletes as well as professional race-car drivers. In these exact settings, the ECG signal was as clear as if the patient was resting in a physician’s office. Signalife’s research to date indicates that these ambulatory settings are where cardiovascular abnormalities are most likely to be detected at the earliest stage and where performance can best be measured.

About Signalife, Inc.

Signalife, Inc. engages in the research, development, and marketing of signal-monitoring devices for detecting diseases. It primarily offers patient modules that are used as part of a heart monitor system to acquire, amplify, and process physiological signals associated with a patient’s cardiovascular system. Signalife is based in Greenville, South Carolina. For more information visit http://www.signalife.com.

Caution Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

Statements in this release that are not strictly historical are “forward- looking” statements. Forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, which may cause Signalife’s actual results in the future to differ materially from expected results. Factors which could cause or contribute to such differences include, but are not limited to, failure to complete the development and introduction of heart monitoring and other biomedical devices incorporating Signalife’s technology, failure to obtain federal or state regulatory approvals governing heart monitoring and other biomedical devices incorporating Signalife’s technology, inability to obtain physician, patient, client or insurance acceptance of for heart monitoring and other biomedical incorporating Signalife’s technology, and the unavailability of financing to complete management’s plans and objectives, including the development of heart monitoring and other biomedical incorporating Signalife’s technology. Additional risks are found in clientele acceptance of Signalife’s product-set. These risks are qualified in their entirety by cautionary language and risk factors set forth and to be further described in Signalife’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, but are significant and should be carefully evaluated by any and all investors.


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