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Sundays prove to be the hardest training day for me, because I have a workout at 11:30 that goes until about 1:00 then another one that goes from 3-5. 

11:30-1 is just a kickboxing workout that focuses mostly on form at a low intensity.

The one 3-5 is all out intensity including line sparring, and focus mitt drills for the first hour, then grappling for the last hour.

The time in between workouts I’m driving to the other place.  I can make a quick stop at home, but it has to be quick so i can get to the later workout on time.

What’s the best foods to eat that aren’t heavy on my stomach and can ensure alot of energy.  I try to drink a protein shake in between workouts, but before the first workout I usually end up eating too much or too little. 

For my preworkout/breakfast meal
6 Eggs
1 Cup Oatmeal
8 oz Juice (with glutamine powder)
And a handfull of almonds

Any suggestions on how I could sustain energy levels? I get up at 10:00 to eat and go, and don’t get home until 6 that night.

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you will probably see this on other threads
We recommend using the Dr Sears Zone shakes (Zonelabs.com)
Use Hood brand Low Carb milk to mix. Add 1/2 banana and 1-2 macadamia niuts. (Just over 3 Blocks ) This is very filling and will sustain you for four hours easily. All the right nutritional elemnts are there. My whole family uses this virtually every morning- about 45 minutes to an hour preworkout
They like chocolate the best- Good Luck

Oh and it takes about 2 minutes to make.


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thanx for the advice it is much appreciated and i will try that next sunday.  probably would help to search the boards so that i don’t keep asking the same questions.

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