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overly sensitive to the overly sensitive
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[quote author=“dale”]:D yo! petunia , my avitar has a thing for your avitar. what do you think ? eh? any chance of them having a rondevous?

I’m sorry…my avatar is married. We appreciate the offer, though. It’s always nice to be loved…or stared at (at the very least).


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( oops! i forgot and they all 3 just had little ones also. well i can tell hes still the envy of all)  and as all can tell hes verrrry sensitive.

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I love this!  “You can have freedom from being offended or you can have freedom of speech, but you cannot have both.”  I live in northern California where anything less than a sycophantic adherence to the liberal dogma are grounds for ostracism.  I am a history and philosophy teacher and in my department I am the only conservative and believe me it gets lonely [but I never lack for a good argument. . .lol].  I was called a nazi when I voted for W in 2004.  Of course the commenter was ‘joking’.  Daily I rail against the indoctrination of our kids by leftist teachers and professors into their distorted view of ‘truth and justice’.  I tell my kids to THINK FOR YOURSELF!  Use your brain, research, don’t just take anyone’s word [even mine] for what is right, good, tolerant or acceptable. 
Anyway, my 2 cents.  Another reason I’m happy to be part of this community



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