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Saturday, August 9th - squat cleans and rope climbs
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Okay, so some of you will be shocked by todays WOD.  I am going to be frank (its what I’m known for) elite fitness is hard and it takes TIME to develop.  Most people want to be Big Dawgs right NOW.  They will jump in and do this WOD in 20-30 minutes.  Its not the way to get to the goal. Be patient, develop your skills and you will get there.  Being pig headed and attempting something like this when you are not ready will not help you on the path.  This week a couple BX trainers did the following:
5 rounds
5 bodyweight cleans
10 box jumps, 42”

The times averaged under 10 minutes. 

I’m sorry, what does this mean?  Are you suggesting that it’s preferable to drop some reps so that you can finish in under 10min?  I’m new to crossfit, so please excuse if it’s a basic Question.

Quickly looking at the comments right now, it seems most people fell between 15min-25min, with quite a few going 25-35.  Are you suggesting that they should instead edit their routines?

Short answer: yes. 

And technicall not dropping reps, its doing a scaling that gives you a big dog time when you are racing all out, while maintaining form and full ROM to finish. 

He’s pointing out that if you trudge through it, even if it’s hard, you’re not getting the benefit of the WOD.  The wod he references is similar though worse because of the repetition on the hip action, meaning you get no rest, and they came in under 10 minutes.  They’d probably come in about the same on this wod, albeit with grip issues. 

So yes, if it takes you 30 minutes . . . you’re, well, um, how to phrase this nicely .  . . doing it wrong.  There.  I got it out.  If you do it in 3 minutes, you’re on the right path, but you may consider bumping up to a higher scaling. 

GD is also pointing out that universally folks go to a higher scaling when a lower one is called for.  For instance:  “Helen” is a 10 minute routine.  This isn’t an exact science so 15 minutes is not a bad time all things considered.  But you hit 20 minutes and you need to consider 1) working harder 2) scaling down).

But, here’s the other thing: this forum by its very nature is a newbie forum.  It’s not the end of the world if you screw up on a wod.  No one cares, and there’s another tomorrow.  And it took me about a year before I could guess (and not perfectly, I might add) about how long a routine I had never done before would take me.  The WOD I did today I was pretty sure I could do under 30 minutes.  Came in at 23 and change and I know where I can make up some time if ever do it again.  Live and learn. 

But if you consistently post super long times, you may consider that you’re not getting the intensity you need to gain the benefits crossfit can provide.  Again, it’s not a slam.  It’s just human nature (or male nature . . . we are human, aren’t we?) to want to be at the top the exercise pack. 

Sorry this got on so long, but it’s a point that everyone (including myself, or rather, especially myself) needs to think about when looking at a WOD scaling.

Thanks for the long answer.  I’m trying to understand the philosophy behind this style of training.  I guess I was just surprised that the aim here is for 10min.  5 sets of 2 exercises (with 45reps on towel pullups) done in under 10 minutes is going at a rather exceptional speed.  That’s 270 reps in 600secs, almost 1rep/2sec not factoring in moving time from squat-cleans to the pullup bar.  And one rep of a squat clean will probably take more than 2 sec, so this time should be made up in pullups?  Doubling the time (1rep/4sec) still seems quite hectic, which is why I’m surprised that this would be considered less than optimal. 

I guess my question is, why?  Is the purpose not to have any rest periods? 

Another example.  On the previous WOD I subbed thrusters so I did 150thrusters with a 45plate in 9:32.  BUT I took a few rest periods in that time.  Should I have scaled it so that I didn’t have the rest periods? 

Sorry if this is answered elsewhere, I’ve not seen it yet.

We define Intensity as Power output.  The point of this type of training is to maximize power output.  Power = Force x Distance/Time.  Taking rest periods increases the time.  As time goes up power goes down.  The goal would be not to break.  Increasing the weight to the point that the reps are slow or you have muscular failure increases your time.  Again power goes down.  Power output costs the body something.  The higher the output, the higher the metabolic cost.  They are directly related.  We (humans as a group) define increasing metabolic cost as discomfort something we in general try to avoid.  Discomfort is directly related to Intensity.  Intensity is the single variable most commonly associated with adaption.  Longtime CrossFitters continue to adapt because they understand how to maximize power output in their workouts.  Case in point, next week I’ll turn 49, I weigh 170#‘s and have been CrossFitting for almost 5 years.  Go back through the last couple of months PR thread.  You’ll see I post a PR almost every week.  There is a lesson there that will someday be an article.

Secondly, most people as TP points out overestimate their fitness.  We define fitness as competence across the 9 general skills.  A more encompassing definition is Increasing work capacity over broad time and modal domains.  The workouts on the mainpage are devastating at a high power output, but manageable at longer time frames and lower power output.  It depends what you most want. do you want to have high power output, and thus maximize adaption, or do you want to post “I did the workout as rx’d”?  I choose adaption.


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A bit of fun on the driveway today.

Buy in:  Burpee/jumprope progression
1 burpee, 10 single jumps
2 burpees, 20 jumps
...continue progression…
11 burpees, 110 jumps
12 burpees, 120 jumps

(jumps can only be counted with unbroken sets of 10)

WOD:  5rft
20 KB Swings, 35#
40 soccer ball juggles (minimum 5 consecutive touches)

Cash out:  10 L-sits, 10 sec each

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Okay, so today I feel like I could have done better on the rope climb subs.  I tried to climb the rope that hangs from one of the trees in the court in my neighborhood, but as you climb to the top some branches are obstructing it.  So I tied a sheet to my pull up bar in my doorway and performed a variety of modified rope climbing assists, like bend at the knees only, bend at the hips, knees and hips, etc. that I saw on the video clips…  So here is my version of the WOD at a semi Pack Level:

5 Rounds for time:
115 lb. Hang Squat Clean - 5 reps
Rope climb 10ft. (once on the first round only)
Modified rope climb with sheet (to top of bar and back down from the ground 3-4 times)- all rounds
15 Pull ups (first two rounds only)
Towel pull ups (2 sets of 15 each of the last 2 rounds)

* My garage is down stairs, so I had to go up and down each round….That has to count for a couple of calories at least…I think.

Completed in 19:33.77

Will have a better plan on what to do next time we do Rope Climbing for the WOD…...But it’s still better than not even trying to be innovative on this….



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4 Rounds of:
75# Hang Squat Clean
10 pull ups.

75# cleans went smoothly, pull ups killed me, last round I was doing 1 or 2 a set.

Finished with 1.5K Row: 750m-250m-500m

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Saturday AM Class at Brand X

Runny Cindy

As Many Runds as Possible (AMRAP) in 20 minutes

400m Run
5 pull ups
10 Push Ups
15 Squats

I was 8 squats short of 2 rounds.


We have too many heroes lost and not enough workout days to commemorate them. I think it’s fitting to always think of the men and women in service, whether military or peace officers and public safety, as we do our workouts. A bit of motivation to throw a little of our sweat and maybe a drop of blood on the floor in their honor.


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Gonna use the biggest muscle AKA the brain today - I’m fried from the wallball… I need to scale back down again, amazing how easy it is to get carried away with WODs considering the desired outcome - adaptation .. rather than stagnation.

Thank you for the words of wisdom on the thread - good to hear, in fact those points cannot be repeated enough!

Grateful to learn - and even more grateful to understand -


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Thursday August 7th WOD

100 Thrusters 30#  (Broken at 13,35,50,60,70,80,100)


Way too many breaks for too long.

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Son of DPR The Younger: Civil Air Patrol PT

DPR: No rope, no bar at home, and no time to go to the Y. So, I did an inconceivable Puppy workout:

ETK warm up: 3 rounds, 10 halos each direction w/12kg KB, 10 wall squats, 5 pumps

4 rounds of:
5 16kg KB cleans to a squat on each side
3 beginner rope climbs - without the rope, a.k.a., 6 beginner towel pullups per “climb”

14 min flat

might have gone sub 10 if I had used the 12kg KB for the cleans, form would’ve been
better, forearms would be less bruised

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scaled it down to:

95lb hanging squat clean, 9 reps
10 pullups - I put my hands on top of each other to simulate the rope climb hand placement

Time: 12:08

I did not expect the grip fatigue . . . wow



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Hello everyone!  This is my first post, though I’ve been doing CrossFit (Buttercup version) for about a month and a half now.  I was intimidated to start for some time, but since finally giving it a shot I’ve found I love it!  A new workout everyday keeps me interested (boredom has always been my biggest enemy) and the supportive nature of these sites and the community have helped keep me motivated. 

For the last few weeks I feel like I’ve been right on target, but this workout was a killer.  I’m wondering if there are any other suggestions for modified rope climbs?  Today made up a modification with me on the floor pulling up to a bar.  I used a hand towel over a bar for the first round and it killed my grip.  I switched to using the rope option for tri-pull-downs at the gym and that worked better.  I still had to split this up in groups of five pulls (assuming 15 pulls/climb).  Ended up with a time just over 17 min, which seems too long based on all the discussion.  Should I just stick to modified pull-ups until I gain the strength for this exercise?

The good news is I could definitely do more weight on the hang squat cleans!  Did 20# this time.

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1 hour truck load this morning. 
Rest day for workout.

A real rest day at last.


Eh, it builds character.

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Per Coach
warm up Row 2000m

AMRAP in 20 minutes
Run 100m
10 Thrusters 45#
7 Pull ups
8 rounds + Run/Thrusters/1 pullup

Should have had 9 but couldn’t count a bunch of pull ups on my last round, couldn’t get my chin over the bar. Hands are shredded. Yep, good times.

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worked out at Brand X

“Runny CIndy”
AMRAP in 20 minutes
400m run
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 squats

2 rounds and a 200 meter run.  All but one pull up was chest to bar.


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did 5 rounds for time of: 8 min
30kg Hang squat clean, 5 reps
3 Beginner Rope climbs

i am just a beginner of crossfit so i take the time for the hang squat clean to do it correctly
i assume that 3 beginner rope climbs are meant as 3 times climbing up and down?

i did rope climb with a robe, my shoulder and feets on the ground, pulling up till i can stand and than lowering to the ground.


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400m Run
5 pull ups
10 Push Ups
15 Squats

2 rounds + 1 round of the components

Push-ups sucked.

I miss the pull-up bars at Brand X so much!
I figured out why I was all legs and no shoulders/chest in my kipping GD. The rafter I use is a piece of 8"x2” on edge and when I swing my chest forward my wrists slam into the bottom edge, so my forward ROM is severely restricted.
Not an excuse, just figured it out.


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