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So you’ve come here for the scaled WOD’s and then you’ve seen a whole bunch of different workouts.  As well as providing an invaluable scaling resource to the wider Crossfit world, BrandX is actually a real world gym in Ramona, CA.  Their trainers post workouts for their own trainees – you‘ll also see BrandX’ers post their times for those workouts. 

The BrandX trainers post their own efforts as well – these vary from the sublime to the ridiculous – you’ll be best viewing many of these as experiments in progress.  Some work and you will see this reflected in the BrandX programming – some don’t and you’ll see them show up in painstorms or GD and SS’s playtime!

As well as that, BrandX has attracted a motley crew of satellite members including home trainees and affiliate coaches who post their own work-outs, times and challenges. 

Don’t let all this confuse or distract you from your efforts – it’s just an example of the way different goals, strengths, weaknesses and preferences can all be addressed with clever Crossfit programming.


Craig Massey

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“CrossFit is not dangerous.
Bad coaching is dangerous, poor movement is dangerous. Ego is dangerous.
CrossFit, properly scaled to the individual is the safest and most efficient program available for strength, conditioning and movement.”
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