CrossFit Kids - no affilate, no cert what to do?
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One of my friend’s kids (lets call her Anna) is quite an athlete and has learned about the CrossFit kids program and expressed interest in trying it to her mom (lets call her Jewel).  Mom knows I am a CrossFitter and that it is one of my favorite things to talk about.  She has asked me what I think about Anna trying the program.

I’m thrilled that “Anna” is expressing an interest in CrossFit Kids (btw she’s 9), but I wouldn’t want her to start crossfit kids without close supervision so that she could learn good technique, and do everything safely.

There is no kids certified affiliate anywhere near us, and the affiliate I attend is about an hour drive from where they live (but, they aren’t crossfit kids certified anyway.)  I know that I am definitely *not* qualified to teach/supervise her,  plus I don’t really have time to do it even if I was qualified.

so, at this point, I’m leaning toward telling Jewel that Anna would be better served (at least temporarily) by joining an after school gymnastics program or something similar.  Anna already does a lunchtime/afterschool running program.

I’m not sure what to do here.  It’s breaking my heart that I might have to steer someone *away* from crossfitting.  especially a really talented child who can crank out pullups and run like the wind.

thoughts on how I should handle this? what to tell Jewel, etc?

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Until Mikki responds ...
You really truly can get started!
—Go to
—Go to the CF K store
—Buy the lesson plans
—Buy every back issue of the CF Kids magazine
—Watch the video tutorials
—Buy every back issue of the CF Kids magazine, (yes, worth saying twice) and start your subscription - worth every penny and more
—Follow along with the WODs posted each day
Have fun!


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Thanks Anita

Many many kids do CrossFit off the site, with supervision from any available adult.
(Certified or not)
This will provide excellent workouts and excellent results.
Of course, optimally an Affiliate program would provide the best training, but without an available
affiliate nearby- the website it is. After all, that is how this whole thing got started !

We answer all emails about the workouts, scaling etc.  Just have your friends ask questions !

Also, we are in the process of developing a glossary to add to the site.

...and Anita is correct the CFK Magazine provides a lot of information on specifics of coaching to/with kids,
special developmental needs depending on age, how to keep it fun, keep their interest, etc.

Also we are adding CFK Affiliates weekly… keep checking !


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