CrossPit 1/5/2009
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Warmup: 3x 2min rds of footwork

Skill Work: With a partner throw and defend the following combinations
1. L straight + R straight + L straight + R straight
2.  L straight + R straight + L hook + R straight
3. L straight + L hook + R straight to the body + R straight

Drill : with a partner and focus mitts, throw the following combination
1. L straight + L uppercut + R straight + L hook

ladder up 1=>5 and back down to 1. ( 2 would be L straight + L uppercut + R straight + L hook + L straight + L uppercut + R straight + L hook)

6 rds:
AMRAP 2 min.
50m sprint
5 sprawls
5 pullups
5 sprawls
5 pullups

1 min. rest between rounds



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anbu2020 - 16 August 2010 03:46 AM

1. Go outside and walk or run.
2. What were you doing at the gym? If all it was was strength workout and no cardio, you set yourself up for failure… nobody gets ripped without lowering their body fat, which is done through cardio and a healthy diet.
3. Why are you being pressured to join the gym? There’s something you’re not saying here… are you an unhealthy weight? That’s a medical issue and you need to treat it seriously; otherwise you are at risk of cardiac and circulatory conditions, type 2 diabetes, etc.
4. NEWS FLASH: Exercise makes you sweat and get tired and smell. It makes EVERYONE do this. But over time, it also helps you lose weight and get toned. Trust me, that hot number you see running in the park doesn’t magically Not Sweat.
5. OK, you don’t want to exercise (NOT you cannot do exercises)... fine, focus on your diet. But keep in mind that the more you exercise, the less restrictive your diet has to be.
6. Outside of cardio, stuff you can do at home: push-ups, crunches, wall sits (you do have a wall, right?), and if you get one of those Door Gym things, you can do pull-ups, chin-ups, hanging crunches. If you have a chair (you do have a chair, i am sure) you can do bench dips. And so on.

I think your biggest obstacle is that you resent being told you have to work out, and you are making up reasons not to. I am sorry if that is tough love, but you CAN do this.

P.S. Same deal here… but I lost 50 pounds over about 3 years and just ran my first half marathon back in January. Peace

I have NO idea what this has to do with CrossPit?? Crunches? Metric take care of this!

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