CrossPit 1/19/2009
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Warm up: 200m run, footwork drills

Skill Work: Footwork and Slipping punches
1.inside defend L straight + Right straight, step right,throw R straight
2.defend R straight, slip to opponents right side, throw a quick R straight to the liver on the way.

Sparring Drill: Groups of two - partner A and partner B. Use boxing gloves and mouthpieces.
1. A throws any combination of straight punches. B uses inside defense and looks for opportunities to slip to either side
2. switch

Skill Work: The Clinch
1. dirty boxing
2. knees
3. defending the single leg

Skill Work: Half Guard to Side Control sweep

*Small class of 2 tonight. Both guys had just done a 10=>1 of db c&j and burpees in the CrossFit class, so we skipped the CrossPit WOD and spent more time on skill work and drills.



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Curses! I miss CrossPit!

I’ll be back. It was a holiday so I went to early CrossFit class and did family time in the evening.


We have too many heroes lost and not enough workout days to commemorate them. I think it’s fitting to always think of the men and women in service, whether military or peace officers and public safety, as we do our workouts. A bit of motivation to throw a little of our sweat and maybe a drop of blood on the floor in their honor.

There is no substitute for good coaching.

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