Coaching a kid with no collar bones…
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Hi Mikki!!!

A friend of mine yesterday asked me about crossfit and I told her about it.  She was only partially interested until I mentioned crossfit kids.  She was really interested then!!!

I told her to go to the website and that I was happy to show her kids two basic movements, the squat and the deadlift.

My biggest concern is that her youngest son, Jai, was born without any collar bones.  His shoulder dislocates quite often and he needs to develop upper body strength.  The squat isn’t a problem, but I’m not sure bout the deadlift and any other upper body exercise.

He is the one that needs to develop the upper body strength to ensure good development.

What are the things I should watch out for???  Any ideas???


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This is the venue of a medical professional who could guide us as to what movements are safe/efficient/useful for Jai.
Our new affiliates CFK West Virginia, is run by two Doctors one of whom is a pediatrician.
They may be helpful in understanding which exercises within the CrossFit context would be safe/effective
my recommendation would be to get info from the childs doctor combined with CF specific input.


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