CrossPit 3/16/2009
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Warmup: 400m, shadow boxing with a focus on footwork

Striking Work:
1.Slipping punches
2. Slipping the R straight + shuffle and pivot

3 rds.
180 ME Heavy Bag punches
21 kb swings
12 pullups

Grappling Work:
1. Side Control escape to Side Control



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That was tough….Fun, though. Finally getting that sidecontrol reversal.

(9:45 for the workout.)

Thanks, LD.


We have too many heroes lost and not enough workout days to commemorate them. I think it’s fitting to always think of the men and women in service, whether military or peace officers and public safety, as we do our workouts. A bit of motivation to throw a little of our sweat and maybe a drop of blood on the floor in their honor.

There is no substitute for good coaching.

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