debate-weights with young children
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My husband and I are having a debate and would like your help/advice. My husband is allowing our 2 y/o daughter to lift weights of 25 lbs when she is herself the same weight. I am concerned she will get hurt. Pull her back, a muscle or even have general problems with hemroids like adults if weights are too heavy with straining. He thinks I am being retarded and with her being so young she is too flexable to get hurt. PLEASE CLEAR THIS UP FOR ME.
He thinks asking a dr would be uncalled for because they only know the medicine side. BUT HE LIVES AND BREATH by everything by cross fit.
Sorry to write you under his acct but I forgot all my log in info because I dont use the site as often as he does. Thank you so much.


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BBoJ and I head up CrossFit Kids HQ.  We spend most of our free time working with kids or researching exercise related topics regarding kids.  Here is the deal.  You are both right.  First we believe kids should lift weights. Properly supervised the research shows this is very beneficial to kids. That being said kids get stronger through neuromuscular facilitation and not hypertrophy.  In other words kids get stronger by moving small loads many times through the proper range of motion rather than overloading their muscles and causing their muscles to hypertrophy.  It is not necessary to expose them to the risk of heavy weight training to get them stronger.  One of the sign of a good trainer is the ability to choose the proper/smallest stimulus necessary to get a training adaption from the client.

I would highly recommend the following reading:
CrossFit Journal
Inherent responsibilities of training children and teens

CrossFit Kids Magazine, February 2008
Kids and Weightlifting: Dispelling the myths


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