CrossPit 8/10/2009
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Warm up: clinch w/ partner, work for control back and forth

Skills and Drills
1. knees from the clinch
2. takedown from clinch - inside leg trip/hip throw combo
2. defending the single-leg from the clinch
3. mount escape - Escape from Alcatraz

Burpee Races
  Team Workout. All teams begin by standing on right side of mat, and teams are designated lanes divided by cones. 3-2-1 Go! - Team members begin a descending ladder of burpees 10=>1.  After each member of the team has completed 10 burpees, the entire team may run to the left side of the mat and complete 9 burpees. After each member of the team has completed 9 burpees, the entire team may run back to the right side of the mat and complete 8 burpees. 
  The first team done wins. The losing team or teams pay for their loss in burpees. 1 burpee for every second it takes to complete the workout past the winning team’s time. The extra burpees are divided among the members of the team however they like.

Striker vs. Grappler
The grappler starts each round in a dominant position. The striker has to escape and stand up. The grappler has to maintain a dominant position or submit. Each round is run twice so everyone has a chance to be both the striker and the grappler.
20 second rounds
1. Full Mount
2. Side Control
3. Back



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This was a great class Jason!


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