CrossPit 8/18/2009
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Warm-up: 400m, shadow box, partner knee tag, shoulder tag, knee and shoulder tag

Skill Work:
1. Double Leg Takedown
2. Double Leg Takedown Defense - Sprawl
3. L Straight to the body
4. Overhand Right

4 Stations - 20 seconds per station
1. 7 Sprawls
2. 12 Push-Ups
3. 17 Squats
4. Hard Fast Puches on Heavy Bag
Any time left after the reps are completed is rest. Rotate stations every 20 seconds, even if reps are not completed. Workout can be as long as you want. Tonight we went 8 minutes.

King of the Ring
2 contestents begin in center of rope ring in a neutral clinch. 3-2-1-Go! and first One to push, pull,drag or throw the other out of the ring wins. One foot out is counted as out.



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Nice WOD.  It was a real killer!  My partner and i did this before some mit work, two 6rounds of sparring, and three rounds of grappling.


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