Can I still CF If I have preexisting injuries ?
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In almost all cases not only can you - but you should!!

Almost all the media of Crossfit shows firebreathing studs and studdettes tearing through workouts designed to humble the world’s fittest athletes.  Impressive yes, but to someone who stumbles across Crossfit with existing injuries it is easy to think that this has nothing to offer you.  However, underpinning the heavy loads, skilled movements and awe-inspiring effort seen in vids all over the net there is an emphasis on form and proper movement mechanics which is relevant to EVERYONE.

If you have an acute injury, their is no need to sit on the sidelines until it is healed.  If your shoulder is messed up their is still plenty of leg and “core” work to be done while the wing heals.  Sore knees or back?  Plenty of gymnastic work in your future is what I’m predicting.  These sorts of things are annoying but once you’re back in action you will realise the value of working hard on a weakness that you would probably have overlooked.

Chronic injury is a little different - it’s not going to go away or stop hurting if we leave it alone.  You’ve already tried that haven’t you ...  The next thing is to get the joints moving as they are meant to and also make sure that you are physically competent to live life without damaging yourself any further.  PVC pipes and medicine balls are all the load we will need for a while with lots of attention to form.  Make sure you ask plenty of questions of the trainers here when starting if this is you - done right this will improve the quality of your life.  Done carelessly though, it can mess you up.

Repeating one more time - if you are coming in injured please ask all the questions you need to get started.


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There are some examples on this forum of people who started CrossFit with what most people woud considere siggificant pre-existing injuries. One of them is the founder (with his wife Mikki, aka BlueBugOfJustice) of Brand X, Jeff Martin (aka Garddawg).

Garddawg - 23 August 2004 02:38 AM

Okay I’ll start

I posted this to the CrossFit site last week:
So today I turned 45 and have been on Crossfit for about 8 months. Before I tell you about my progress I should probably tell you where I started. I have had numerous injuries over the years. I injured my knee several years ago and even after surgery I have been unable to run hard on it. I hurt my back in ‘91 in a rodeo and have been unable to do deadlifts since. My right shoulder was dislocated and my left one separated numerous times. Overhead movements were painful. Consequently, when doing pull-ups I counted any significant upward movement of my body as a pull-up. Oh, to round this all out I have asthma.

Having started with all of that here are some of the things CrossFit has allowed me to accomplish. I have not been able to run under a seven-minute mile in ten years, I ran a 6:20 mile last week. My goal is under 6:00 by the end of the year. I have finished a +2 Chelsea(17 squats,12 pushups, 7 pullups every minute for 30 minutes). When I started deadlifting on CrossFit simply using the bar hurt my back for days. A few weeks ago I pulled 345. I recently did Diane in 9:15(alternating 225 pound deadlifts with handstand pushups for sets of 21,15,9). No problems in my back. I squatted 315. Pull-ups I did 26 a few weeks ago. Goes without saying they are CrossFit pull-ups, still trying for thirty. All of this is good, but more importantly I am stronger and more capable in my field than I was 8 months ago. I can spar longer, punch and kick harder, shove bigger guys around I keep saying at 45 I should at best be maintaining not getting bigger, stronger, and faster.

I started CrossFit at a bodyweight of 164, I am up to 170 same body fat percentage. Given the results I have had I think Ill start trying the diet recommendations. Coach and Lauren thanks for all you do.

And there’s also JTM

JTM - 09 February 2009 06:16 PM
mrtucci1969 - 05 February 2009 07:22 PM

I am looking for any advice for my abs and lower back, keeping in mind my back fusion. Dr said I could start a workout program, but I don’t want that old muscle head workout I did before. That’s what got me to this point. i.e. my fusion. any advice would be great

Sorry for the delay. I missed this post. I’ve been wrapped up in other stuff lately.

I have a posterior fusion, T10-L3… the result of a “burst” fracture of L2 (fancy wording for a fracture that occurred because of compression and caused a small diamond shaped bone fragment to pop out)
I didn’t see your post that detailed how your old workout hurt you, but it doesn’t matter.  I did that same routine for years with limited success after my injury.

CrossFit strengthened my core to the point that I don’t really even notice my injury anymore.  I highly recommend CrossFit to anyone with back problems.  For me, core strength translates directly to living nearly pain free and being able to move again.  Before I found CrossFit I had days where I could barely move at all and I was very robotic in my movement on most other days. I am still VERY conscious of it though.  It makes me focus on technique, I can’t afford bad form. 

So, I would say to you: CrossFit. Start slow, focus on doing everything with near perfect technique.  It might just be the best thing you ever did for yourself.

as CrossFitters, we don’t focus on Abs and lower back, we call it “midline stabilization” ... and I can testify that it works.  for what its worth, there are a number of people here @ BX who have recovered from various injuries because of CrossFit.

if you commit to the program, start slow, and focus on technique CrossFit will make your life better. It has mine.


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Also suggest visiting basically every journal entry on the CFJ with Kelly Starrett.